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Voxen Technology specializes in development, maintenance and conversion of all kinds of machines, motors and mechanical parts. Our knowledge in engineering technology and the function of each device in the whole ensures that the products we produce are of the highest quality.

We have extensive experience in drawing-designs for solving specific issues and we often enter in the idea- and development phase, with our technical knowledge of component properties and specifications.

Open Mind Solidworks

We design in the latest versions of Open Mind's Solidworks 2D and 3D CAD and in Master CAM X. Furthermore we support and advice our clients throughout the production phase and up until the final prototype is fully developed.

We happily carry out test and approval of the components.

We also have experience in reconstructing existing production machines, where we through re-design and modification of components are able to optimize the entire machine, thereby improving the customer's production conditions.


Voxen Technology is continuously expanding and updating the machinery, so we are able to produce components — created by the latest and most power- and energy-efficient technology.

Our 5 axis CNC machining centers are built with the latest control technology and has the greatest flexibility for milling components. Our CNC lathes resulting in a stable and accurate high speed machining, which results in the highest quality.

Our 3D measuring machine measures the positions of randomly selected locations, and captures the component positions and geometrical dimensions. Our measuring machine implies incredibly low measuring uncertainties, as they are, always designed with incredible precision. Our customers are more than welcome, to get a certified measurement report home.

New and old customers are more than welcome to come by for a look at our production facilities.

We work in  materials (among others) such as:










Layer 2507/2205

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