Grown-Technology is an engineering company specializing in 5 axis CNC machining.

For more than 10 years we have supplied products to Danish and foreign industry. Through this we have gained extensive knowledge about design, development and production of assemblies and components. We have. experience in a variety of industries - including pharmaceuticals, offshore, food, electronics and automotive.

Our core competencies revolvs around CNC precision milling, CNC precision turning, welding, and design and development of structures and components. We work in all materials - from plastics for various metals and serial manufacturing for up to 5.000 units..

We develop and process items from 5 x 5 mm to 800 x 500 mm with a volume of 1.130 x 700 x 500 mm and an upper weight limit of 500 kg. Depending on the component and production equipment are our tolerances down to 4μ.

Quality & security

Trust, safety and timeliness characterize our business practices. We are a competent and skilled team with broad experience in CNC turning and milling, which is also able to support our customers in developing- and production phase.

As a supplier, we are aware of the importance of being able to provide our customers the best possible service through compliance agreements and deadlines. Therefore, it is important for us, that we have a trusting and professional relationship with all our suppliers, so that we can minimize the likelihood of, to unexpected problems and challenges, which can affect our customers.

As part of ensuring our customers optimal production operation, we are able to produce around the clock. This implies, that we can come quickly to, if mechanical emergencies or production stoppages occur in our customers.

If necessary, we are also able to consult our clients at their location - to get direct insight into the mechanical challenge they are facing.